My “ideal” doctor….brief ponderings….ethics, medicine, and caring…..

If I was able to radically change the medical school admission process, I would deemphasize MCAT scores. What I would emphasize, if I could adequately measure would be to choose people who have impeccable sense of human kindness, ethics, and morality.   Please do not read any religious meaning behind these words.   Just as in life, […]

Cancer Survivorship Tips: just the key points from last post.

1) Be easy on yourself! Surround yourself with others who are easy on you. Avoid self-pressure. Don’t allow survivor’s guilt make you feel overwhelmed by what you must accomplish in your “new” life. 2) Body image issues from surgery and medications are normal. Stay active and know things will feel “normal again”. 3) Chemo-brain concerns […]

Surviving Survivorship: Return of CC

Maybe society sets us up a bit.    In the popular TV series’ “survivor”, if you come through something where the odds are not in your favor, if you “win” then you’re rewarded.   Survivorship is not an easy path to navigate.  Being a pediatric oncologist mentally prepared me to navigate the medical system, whereas the challenges […]