Please Read

My hope is

…that this website provides information in a supportive way to patients who are going through cancer therapy and to their family and friends.  

…that different posts will focus on slightly different audiences but that each post may still provide insight for our entire community. 

…that I can spawn ideas that generate discussions amongst healthcare professionals who care for cancer patients.  

…that I can teach a little about cancer biology.  There are many misconceptions about cancer and its treatment in the general day to day conversation.    

…that I can answer your comments or at least use them for inspirations for future posts.   

…that this site will generate a small community

What I am unable to provide is medical advice.

Although I hope that some of my posts will help with navigating the oncology world and may provide some practical advice on dealing with certain effects of cancer and therapy, the purpose of this site is not to give medical advice.     I know fellow patients give a lot of advice on treatments on cancer forums.    But in my experience as a doctor, I find that there is little way to get all the information needed to give sound medical advice via email or messaging.  For giving sound medical advice nothing replaces taking time with a patient to gather all the facts.  If I do give a few general tips on dealing with things such as side effects, since I am not familiar with your unique case, please discuss with your doctor.    You want to make sure you follow the advice of someone who is an expert in you. 

 You can help empower folks with questions to ASK their doctor.  It is this aspect of  cancer forums that are invaluable.  They also are so important because they create a sense of  community and support amongst patients.    My hope is that this site will provide something that is different from cancer forums, and it will take a little time to see how this site will fit into the on-line community of cancer patients.   I really appreciate your readership and for taking this journey with me.

  Sending everyone strength and love.

Dr. Jess